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Thread: Please help ASAP! Blood-pressure unstable and being sent to skilled nursing facility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    Miralax saved my life.
    How does Miralax work?

    How much do you take?

    Is it a laxative? I'm worried about a laxative making my intestines hyperactive and causing me dysreflexia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehipcrip View Post
    Broken Doll, I completely understand your fears! Let's see if we can find something good to help with your gas problems and liberate you from skilled nursing before you ever arrive.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, are you taking any probiotics? I had terrible gas like you get, and found that the rate probiotic helped not only prevent the gas but also helped with constipation that I attributed solely to the narcotics I take. There are a number of probiotics and help with gas; the trick is finding the one that works for you.

    Have you tried activated charcoal? My understanding is that also helps with gas in the digestive tract. It tastes terrible, but if it'll keep you from going to a skilled nursing facility, then what's a little yuck?

    I just spent two days at a long-term acute care center (which appeared to be a nursing home for people with complex medical situations). It was horrible. I busted out. They expected me to be there for three months. I'm at home now.

    I really do believe that if I can manage my gut, my autonomic dysreflexia and low blood pressure hypertension problems will be greatly resolved.

    What brand of pro biotics do you use? I've tried several throughout the years, I'm not sure how much they really did help me. I did notice quite a big change in my digestive system with Activia yogurt. It was a little too volatile though. Also, I don't like eating that much sugar.

    I also remember taking activated charcoal tablets for some cleansing or something I did a long time ago. I don't think I took them long enough to really notice any effect. But right now, I am so interested in anything that will make my life better.

    Thank you so much for your posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    Have you had a colonoscopy and a timed transit test yet?
    I am very interested in the colonoscopy and time transit study that you posted about.

    What will this study show?

    If it's motility, I would be very interested in finding out my motility rates so I can plan for better bowel routines.

    Most of all, I would like to discover why my belly becomes so distended with gas and causes me so many problems.

    Thank you for your posting. I really appreciate your interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Sounds similar to the symptoms I had. Would get better and back in for the same stuff. Found out the rectum quit working or something like that. Had a Sigmoid Loop colostomy and haven't had any trouble since. It took a while for them to figure it out. I sure feel for ya BD.
    Thank you for your empathy. This is no fun. And it seems so hard to find solutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    don't be afraid. It is temporary, until you get more stable blood pressure. I kinda see why, i have nutty blood pressure lately, and it is scary to see, and I puke all over.

    It happens for no reason too, or because I want a bath, or rode in a car, or stayed outside too long, anyway if you are passing out because of low or high blood pressure it must feel pretty scary. It does for me. scares the heck out of anyone who see's it.

    my friend with ms had the same thing, and it turns out she broke her femur trying to get from van to chair. kept passing out. as soon as they figured it out she went back home.

    im told to eat a lot of salt, and wear support sox. the support hose and an ab binder does help with the low blood pressure. Im supposed to drink a ton more water than Im used to try and keep the blood pressure stable.

    charcoal caps do help with trapped gas.
    I am wearing a binder, hose and drink lots. I love salty food too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    well you can't go getting AD you might get a stroke. oh, sound like my grammie. anyway can you go home when your blood pressure is stable?

    and what else have you tried?
    do you have a binder that squeezes you abdomen? I thought it would make me more faint, but if combined with knee high support, or waist, (the thigh ones give me AD)

    this probably won't work but someone mentioned ice, so Ive had a bucket of ice to put my feet in, and I havent felt like passing out. still have a crazy heart beat, but for so long. Instead of chips though ive had salted sunflower seeds, nuts, and dried salmon.

    I thought I was drinking a lot of water, turns out I need a lot more water not to be dehydrated, and faint. if I dont feel faint, I have a pounding headache. anyway, my blood pressure is better by drinking twice as much as I was, and gatoraid, im not so good with the gatoraid but it does seem to help.
    I like salty foods too and eat a lot of pumpkin seeds. I also drink about 2 L of Gatorade a day in addition to my water and green tea.

    I cannot sit up in my chair without my corset. It is sturdy with stays and customized to fit my ostomy hole and added Velcro straps so that I can close it tighter around my lower abdomen.

    However, I have been having such a difficult time trying to find an orthotic company or a seamstress to customize a corset for me.

    Apparently, the orthotic companies no longer sew leather and this sturdy canvas material because they no longer have the industrial sewing machines they used to have and the newer models aren't strong enough. They also have so many new materials that are less labor-intensive to make back and lumbar supports, however, none of those work with my body.

    I am desperate to find someone to customize a corset for me. My recent attempts have been a lingerie seamstress that makes corsets and costumes for strippers; and a termite tent sewer try to make a corset for me. The seamstress machine broke on me and she's p*ssed off at me. And the termite tent sewer skills aren't as fine as my corset needs.

    I found a very high compression surgical undergarment from a Venezuelan or Columbian company called Leonisa which I thought would be the answer as a replacement. It's good, but it doesn't apply at enough pressure to my abdomen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    ask your Dr. To call your SCI dr. and explain the basics.
    He's stumped too.

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    in a handbasket
    Industrial machines can be found at upholstery shops. Call around and find a sympathetic woman who might give your adjustments a try. Sewing is sewing.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Doll View Post
    I did notice quite a big change in my digestive system with Activia yogurt. It was a little too volatile though. Also, I don't like eating that much sugar.

    They make one with less sugar.
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    Get your bowels etc..under control. Keep things moving. Max dose of stool softeners plus Enemeez plus (with Benzocaine) for bowel program. Works faster for most! Do it daily to see if that helps.
    When up in chair- compression hose with abdominal binder.Use lidocaine jel with dig stimu.
    Bladder management??
    It can be serious because your high blood pressure can cause you to have a stroke.

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