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Thread: Problem with Clothing Guards

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    Problem with Clothing Guards

    I have Invacare swing-a-away side guards but when they are high enough to protect my clothes, the guards pop out and rubbing against the wheel.

    What can I do to secure them in place?
    Do you know which side guards I'm talking about?
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    i guess u can drill and screw them together, i ran my wheels out on mine and just took them off, they are the most near nothing design i've ever seen, and they say they can't put anything else on the chair........crap design..............

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    Chas had a problem a bit like this...I recall he added some non-standard hardware....skivs I want to say? that fixed it, although his chair he's done this with is a Ti aero Z.

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    I had a problem like that with the plastic guards on one of my past chairs. I ended up going to a local metal shop and they made me a set out of 5/32" aluminum. They worked great and only cost a fraction of what the plastic ones cost.
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