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Thread: R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey in The Green Mile)

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    R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey in The Green Mile)

    I like him. Will be missed.

    It was 2 years ago March that I have survived a massive M.I. Seven stents later I am doing great. Lately I have heard of so many who had left us. Shit I am truly blessed.

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    he was a good actor, and seemed genuinely a good guy....shame, way to young..........!!!

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    Yeah, he will be missed.

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    Interesting life. Suited physically as he was, his Mom didn't want him to be a football player, so he went to college and studied acting. His Mom became ill and he dropped out of college to help her. Ended up in Los Angeles and worked at a body guard to Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and others.


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    He was a good one...

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    He had a contagious laugh and smile.

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    Tonight I am going to look for my Green Mile movie
    I used to like the show I forget the name but it was in florida
    gonna miss him

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    He had a couple of guest shots on '"Two and a Half Men."

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    Sad for him, but happy that despicable bitch Omarosa is getting a taste of life's harshness.

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    Yes Uncle Peter he was funny on them episodes I remember it lol

    The Finder was the name of the Show I enjoyed it was good

    What a kool actor I dug his big stature plus he was very polite when I met him yrs back .

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