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    Bite Trigger

    I am looking into getting into targets shooting. However, then a tetraplegic with no finger movement, is obviously going to be difficult for me to pull the trigger. Therefore I am looking for some kind of bite trigger that can be simply connected to a target rifle without the need to actually that the rifle to much. Has anyone got any experience of using these and to give me a link to a place that sell these type of triggers that are perfect for tetraplegic?

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    Timney Triggers has developed a bite trigger and advertized it at a gun show in Texas but every time I ask them to purchase one they tell me it is not ready yet.

    Something must be up because the design is not complicated and they already had some built. has a number of items for hunting and shooting. I found the BT100 on ebay but haven't used it yet because it should be much simpler. Like the Timney.
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