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Thread: Anyone have more info on this guy who received stem cell treatment in FL?

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    Anyone have more info on this guy who received stem cell treatment in FL?

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    Wow, pretty cool. It only costs between $15,000 and $54,000. You go to Bonita Springs Fla to get your blood drawn first and they fly you out of the country for the procedure. They determine if you are a good candidate. I don't think they'd have the balls to tell a complete spinal cord injured person it would do anything for them, but a incomplete injury they might think it was worth a try, but of course no guarantees. Whether or not it helps out is a random speculation I guess.
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    I bet it is the same folks that keep changing their name, ....anyway we are very close to having the real thing, and it won't cost you swifty grand to get cured.

    don't you want to know that the cells being pumped into your body are safe and properly cared for? That the Dr who is doing the procedure has been properly trained.
    save your cash and wait just a little longer, we are almost there.

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    I have no intention of going anywhere, leaving the country, or taking a chance with drs. I'm just asking questions and gathering info. Like you, I know we are close to the real thing.

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    But even as glowing testimonials multiply on Regenocyte’s Web site, scientists in high places have slammed the company’s entire approach to medicine. Neurobiologist and stem-cell innovator Hans Keirstead of the University of California at Irvine calls commercial stem-cell clinics like Regenocyte “deplorable.” “It’s absolutely terrible. They’re taking advantage of people’s need,” he says. And last year, Irving Weissman, head of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), bashed Regenocyte on CNN. “There is no such cell as a regenocyte,” he told a reporter. (Grekos admits as much, explaining that “regenocyte” is not a technical classification but a marketing term his company developed.) “I am disappointed and shocked that somebody would prey on a family that has an untreatable disease,” Weissman said. When presented with the Thai trial in which patients’ ejection fraction improved by approximately 20 percent, Weissman withheld comment on the grounds that the ISSCR has not had a chance to review the paper, but he points out that no regulatory body oversaw the study.
    Robert Lanza, the chief scientific officer of U.S. cell-therapy firm Advanced Cell Technology, is equally skeptical of the scientific strength of the Thai trial. “This was a safety—Phase I—trial, so the results don’t really tell us much about the potential efficacy of the cells,” he says.
    “There may have been some improvement. However, it’s impossible to reach any conclusion, since the study wasn’t randomized and there was no control group. The study was further compromised by the fact that the cardiologists evaluating the patients were not ‘blinded.’ The slight improvements reported in this paper could easily be the result of a placebo effect.”

    However, Dr Irving Weissman said ‘there is no such cell.’
    Furthermore, there is no known cure for pulmonary hypertension, which causes abnormally high blood pressure in the lungs and forces the right side of the heart to work much faster than normal, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    Read more:

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    Bonita Springs is about 20 minutes from my house. I'll ask around.
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    If it's a real cure then they are not charging enough.

    The last time I checked a cure was still priceless.

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    there is no proven credible evidence that cell therapy causes any type of efficacy what so ever in treating SCI. that i know of
    As far as i know stem cell inc has only carried out a trial on 3 ASIA A patients only and most probably or hopefully Dr Armin Curt will anounce 3/9/2012 that the cells have been tollerated and safe for this cohort. this only will be monitored over a 4 year period.
    Prior talk about a cure, i would like first like to see proven evidence that cell therapy can cause any type of efficacy in treating SCI. this in itself will be a great break through.
    Again like all others i too pray for that break through and a cure

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    I will just say I think it is completely bogus.

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    Thanks Grammy, thats what I was looking for.

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