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Thread: Fampridine-SR Update?

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    Fampridine-SR Update?

    Wise, anyone, do you know what's been going on with Acorda's version of 4AP? Will the FDA approve it for MS and soon? I have chronic incomplete sci, yet missed out on the trials, but tried 4AP for a while and once my spasticity completely vanished and I was able to workout on my bike at fullspeed for a half hour. If I use Fampridine-SR, I may have that response all the time. Thanks!


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    Jan, I know and am very sorry. Acorda has to complete another phase 3 trial for MS before it can be approved by the FDA. It will not be till next year, I believe. Wise.

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    Um, do you mean the trial will be next year or that FSR will be approved next year? Isn't this beating the dog?? grrrr...


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    The trial is starting this year. Hopefully, it will be positive. Wise.

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    Thanks! My neighbor has MS so I'll get the info about the trial from Acorda. :-)


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