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Thread: gait pattern

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    gait pattern

    I am an incomplete C5 with an impaired gait. My right knee needs support when I ampulate. Suggestions?

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    Ambulate = to walk. Amputate = to cut off. Hopefully you are talking about the former and not the latter.


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    Do you have an AFO? By limiting the amount the ankle can move, you are supporting the knee. If this is not enough support, a KAFO may be necessary.
    Your knee may need support due to a strength deficit, which you can work on with exercises. Or due to a sensation deficit which you would have to compensate for; which would be a factor in choosing an AFO vs. KAFO.
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    How is your lower leg strength? Are you able to control your ankle movements? If so, I would suggest a brace that limits your knee range of motion and provides medial/lateral stability. Such as these:

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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