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Thread: Tethering??

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    What is Tethering??

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    My husband's spinal cord is tethered. Stuck to the dura with scar tissue adhesions. Sometimes this can cause a syrinx, or cyst to form...luckily he doesn't have one of those. Dr. Young has talked about this in many places if you do a search on it. They did an MRI on my husband in the prone position to determine that it was tethered. The cord didn't change position, or fall forward.

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    pickled, I agree with Hope2findacure. Tethering is when scar tissue has formed between the spinal cord and surrounding tissue, particularly involving the spinal roots. Normally, the spinal cord is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid, slip and slide with movement. After injury, scar tissues can from between the spinal cord and the membranes that surround them. This "tethers" the spinal cord to its surroundings. Wise.

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    What kind of MRI or CT is required to show tethering?

    Can untethering years after injury reduce pain and/or increase sensation?

    Should shunts be avoided at all costs?


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    hi alan, i was using search to try to find you an answer and wow, there a lot of reading to do. it was all pretty interesting so didn't know what to link. so best advice is in above search type tethering , james quest answered some good questions, along with Wise.

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