I have a bad case of it in my left hand. I have already had the injection and it didn't last long. The bones in my wrist grind and the tendon in my thumb that goes to my wrist bone is very painful. That's where I got the shot.

Even worse is the little finger and ring finger on my right hand goes to sleep. I can't imangine not being able to use my hand after surgery to tranfer. I haven't decided to have the surgery. I do have a hard wrist thingie and wrap an ace bandage around it to wear at night but it hasn't helped.

I got this from reading to much by holding the book up and keeping the books open wide with my thunb. Of course useing my wc. I didn't realize how much strain we use on our thunbs and wrist until I started to have pain.

Now I wonder what to expect if I had surgery. I would imangine I wouldn't be able to tranfer for a long while. Has anyone had the surgery? Any ideas.