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Thread: Best Breakfast

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    Homemade biscuits with some fried tenderloin on top smothered in some sausage gravy with some fried country potatoes on the side and dont forget the grits.

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    Normally fresh cut strawberries, raspberries, half a banana, half a Berlet pear, drizzled with organic raspberry honey, with a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and ½ cup of shelled cashews or pistachios.
    Unless there is a leftover piece of pizza begging to be toasted up crispy in the oven.

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    Porridge (oatmeal?) with home stewed apples or pears. Sometimes add raisins if I'm craving sweet. I also make porridge using rice flakes instead of oats. Or quinoa flakes when they're price reduced.

    Also....home made hemp seed milk and banana + soya milk smoothie. Esp. good if too tired to chew (blood tests show I'm as tired out as someone who just had major surgery).

    Sometimes half a pint or more of green juice and alfalfa sprouts. It's not so emotionally pleasing, but it really helps reduce pain and increase energy. I feel less ill overall after fresh green foods too

    I used to enjoy eating the more popular western breakfasts, e.g wheat based cereals with choc milk and sugar. Full English breakfast as shown by Timaru. But I later found out that, in my case, they had significantly contributed to my digestive problems, chronic pain and lack of energy.

    I then slowly moved towards what Im on now. For me, it makes a massive difference. It's the difference between feeling far more ill, or feeling quite a bit better for an hour or two. I'm happy to eat alfalfa sprouts for breakfast if it helps me have a chance to go out and see the sky and feel the wind on my face.
    (You might feel the wind between your buttocks too if you're not used to alfalfa sprouts, heh heh! But I think once you get used to it, it'd prob die down again).

    P.S Very healthy food can be just as tasty as not so healthy food. But you do need to adjust your taste buds. And learn new ways of preparing/presenting food. It doesn't happen overnight. I did it in stages. Less likely to mess up your bowel regimen too if you do it in steps.

    If you find healthy food bland, you might be deficient in Zinc. It affects your sense of taste and smell. Check it out on Wiki (link below)

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    Timaru's breakfast did look very nice. I usually eat boiled egg with caviar and the yolk has to be soft, on a slice of rye bread. Not the black Danish ryebread.
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    Eggs Benedict all day! By far the best breakfast dish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    Yum! Love me some of this.
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    Shrimp and grits with some Andouille Sausage
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    Seriously, my major complaints about the British involve undercooked eggs and overcooked veggies! And a shocking acceptance of heinous meatstuffs, e.g. blood sausage and kidneys in any form.

    But those canned beans and cooked tomatoes rocked my world. They are incredibly good on a nasty hangover. Mushy peas grew on me, as did bangers. I'd eat British fish 'n' chips and immigration-based food all day. They are far from lost as a civilization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitpo View Post

    I think we should eat fully cooked eggs. Sometimes the eggs fried by my mum are not fully cooked. She said the yolk could not be fully cooked. Well, i think the eggs can be fully cooked if we 'destroy' the yolk when cooking - not letting it intact in the middle like that.
    Then cook your own eggs.

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    The concerns about cooking eggs thoroughly stems from fears of salmonella and other bacterial poisoning. That was a problem several years ago but has been effectively addressed by commercial egg growers. Our state department of agriculture as been following this issue in our state for more than 10 years. Not a single case of bacterial infection has been reported as a result of contaminated commercial eggs. Three to four cases are reported each year and are traced to backyard flocks where the eggs are not properly cared for.

    I am happy to report that you can again order your eggs sunny side up or a little bit runny scrambled in SC. People should enjoy them cooked the way they like them. You are much more likely to get a bacterial infection from lettuce than eggs. Boiling your lettuce could prevent that but I do not know anyone who does. But if you truly like your eggs hard cooked, enjoy them that way.

    P.S. Please do not flood me with your boiled lettuce recipes. lol
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