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Thread: Best Breakfast

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    Best Breakfast

    What do you eat for your breakfast? What do you think is the best breakfast?
    I am not satisfied with my breakfast. My mum prepares breakfast for me everyday. I think 'nutritious' and 'healthy' breakfast may not be equivalent to 'delicious' breakfast.

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    I don't know about _best_ breakfast but I incorporate six prunes in my breakfast every other day to complement an overall high-fiber diet that includes drinking more water than I think I need. That way when I am King for THAT night it's smooth sailing and 45 min. to an hour later I'm tucked safely into bed after getting my business done.

    I love oatmeal, and particularly types other than the quick cooking variety. I'll have to ask my wife what type she makes, maybe steel cut, because it takes a half hour to cook and the oats are large. If you make a big batch you can freeze it. Then, later when you're in a hurry just add milk or cream and microwave it. It's great!

    On the weekends when more time is available my wife usually cooks eggs 'n bacon, omelettes, pancakes, or waffles. The key is moderation but a nice high-fiber diet with enough protein to keep the good old skin healthy can tastes great too.

    What kind of things do you eat for breakfast and what kind of things do you like to eat for breakfast? If I eat a big breakfast I usually have to make up for it with a lighter lunch or dinner – then again, there are times when we LOVE to eat breakfast for dinner. I'm blessed to have a wife who is an exceptional cook and is constantly trying new recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    I suggest looking at some online recipes or recipe books and then bring ones that look inviting to the attention of your Mum.

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    French Toast with local NY state maple syrup. Yummmy!

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    Two cups of non-fat milk, one serving protein powder, half cup of cereal. That's my breakfast.

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    x2 on the oats. Steel cut oats with some low-fat yogurt stirred in, or sometimes creamy peanut butter. My training partner stirs in dried cherries. Gives us lots of energy on training days.. I gave up on big breakfasts after I gained a quad gut, still watching what I eat. grommet's is a good one too.

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    NL makes THE BEST yogurt/fruit smoothies. The following serves to people.

    Combine the following ingredients in a blender jar and combine until smooth.
    1 Tbsp orange juice concentrate
    2 Tbsp water
    1 6oz container plain Greek yogurt
    1 banana
    6-8 slices frozen peaches
    6-8 strawberries
    (fruit variations, frozen mixed berries, raspberries, fresh plums)

    We drink this smoothie with a piece of whole wheat toast sometimes spread with peanut butter.

    In the winter, nothing beats, oatmeal cooked with raisins and dried cranberries, sweetened with date sugar.

    All the best,

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    The best breakfast really depends on your nutritional needs in the morning. If you are doing a morning workout, you need to include some protein to promote muscle recovery.

    Oatmeal is king of breakfast around here. Real oatmeal. Steel cut is best but if $$ is a concern, the regular (not quick cooking and never instant) is fine. The variations are almost endless. Cook it in 1-2% milk, dried fruits go in at the start so they will plump. Fresh or frozen fruit go in at the end - only need to get hot. Apples are the exception-add them dependent on how cooked you want them. Add a couple of drops of real vanilla, some cinnamon, some agave for sweetness (if desired or try honey, brown sugar, real maple syrup). Add some nuts at the end for crunch. Your possibilities are endless. Almost any fruit or nut can be used.

    High protein mornings we go the meat and eggs deal or even a sandwich, but then have oatmeal for lunch. Meals are about fuel but if they should also be pleasurable. Who said you can't eat a salad for breakfast if you want and it meets your fuel needs?--eak
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    On a regular basis, oatmeal, toast, and coffee.

    But I love: Bacon, eggs fried over easy in the bacon grease, white gravy made from 1 tbs of bacon grease and 1 heaping tbs of floor and then milk added and boiled down to the right graviness. Have with toast and coffee. I also always add a tbs of grape jelly on the plate in memory of my grandmother who always did the same.
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    Two eggs usually scrambled, sausage or bacon, whole wheat toast or an English muffin. Occasionally I include some home fries.

    Sometimes when my wife does the cooking I do a stack of pancakes with NY maple syrup (My brother lives there) and a couple of eggs. I am going on 75 and the docs say my cardiovascular system is in better shape than most 30 year olds. High protein and fiber and low carbs throughout the day. I do not obsess. I have never turned down chocolate mousse or coconut cream pie.
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    I like frying potatoes, then fry two eggs and put right on top of the potatoes
    of course gotta have susage or bacon with it
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