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Thread: Ten frequently asked questions concerning cure of spinal cord injury

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    Originally posted by -Dominic:

    "People should avoid procedures that cause irreversible loss of peripheral nerve and other functions"

    Soon I'm going in surgery. It's called sacral nerve stimulator.

    Should I go for a different surgery?

    Are you in England or Europe? There are two kinds of stimulators and procedures. The first is called a Brindley stimulator which includes cutting of some dorsal spinal roots. The second is made by Medtronics and do not involve cutting any spinal roots.


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    I'm from Alberta, Why? because the way I make my sentences?

    I can speak in French better then in English.

    I have relatives in Quebec

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    Wise, would third generation therapies eliminate the symptoms of A. Dysreflexia by restoring pain sensations? Thank you in advance for your time.

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    thanks, very direct and informative.... will be good to use to answer people's questions.... assuming, you don't mind me copying and pasting?

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    1. Will there be a cure for spinal cord injury?

    The answer to that question. Is it also for people with complet sci's?

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    Yes, there will be a cure and it will be useful for people with "complete" spinal cord injury. Wise.

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    Dr Young,
    This may not be the right place for my question. I'm a new member since my brother's recent C6-7 SCI, and we have been following California's Proposition 71 and the focus on stem cell research in the national election very intently. Do you think stem cell implant human trials are only 2 years away in California (as quoted by one researcher), and do you think the focus on stem cells in California will affect the research into olfactory cells, Schwann cells and other cures currently underway at other SCI centers?

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    Geron (Menlo Park, CA) is supposed to begin a human clinical trial sometime in 2005 using their own line of ESC's for ACUTE SCI only.

    It is my understanding they have no plans to try this on chronics anytime soon.

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    dr. young-
    What would need to be in place in order to maintain regular male functioning, meaning sensation and ejaculation? How complex is the circuitry in the Lumbosacral spinal cord? Is it not realistic to hope for full return of sexual functioning after it has been absent 5 years post sci? Is it reasonable to believe that therapies may restore functioning and sensation to sci males' sexual organs? Could this be achieved without the use of embryonic stem cells? What do you see under the microscope when studying regneration in the sacral spinal cord? are there wild female undergrads at Rutgers?

    sherman brayton

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    Sherman, the sacral sympathetic nuclei at S2, I believe, innervate the penis. I think that it may not be necessary to rebuild the nucleus and it may be possible to simply bridge another nerve. I really haven't thought this clearly through because your problem is a little unusual. I am also not quite sure that I understand the distribution of your injury.


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