Let's face it, we're never gonna get significantly better. Even that Dr. Schwann told me in a e-mail, " will a complete paraplegic ever return to walking and functioning like before his injury, very certainly no"! 99% of SCI specialists don't have a interest, or are leaving it up to somebody else to do, to try to cure SCI. Why not? They are making one hell of a living keeping us alive, and passing us on to other useless doctors in a sick game of musical chairs, where we end up with the doctor we started with, with still no solutions, and worse, I have to explain my story all over again to this pompous IDIOT who damn well has my medical history written up in his files. These guys look at our MRI's and case histories while we are in the waiting room, after having been given this info. from my parents weeks earlier. They are rude, and worse, useless and helpless in effectively addressing the problems with SCI.