Dr. Young,

I am grateful for everything you are doing for our community, but when, when can we reasonably hope for any concrete - if only partial- solutions to our problems? I hear of a lot of good results from laboratories and research centers, but I also read from a lot of desperate people - like me at times- who are in pain and isolated in their homes, some bedridden. When my surgeon tells me there won't be any breakthrough, not in the coming ten years, I am tempted to say he is wrong; but at the same time, unfortunately, I don't know of any treatment that can alleviate my pain or improve my condition. I don't think I could live without hope- and I know the most negative people on this site only want to be reassured- but are we all being unreasonable at this point in time. There will be a cure, but will it happen in our lifetimes?

gretchen 1