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Thread: Vitaglide?

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    Does anyone know whatever happened to the Vitaglide? I use & love mine but, it looks like they aren't being sold any longer.

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    Was bought out and shelved. Same here, I like mine a lot.

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    Shelved? who would not want to keep that in the market? I just don't get it.

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    Not making enough profit on a small market, unfortunately. Entirely a bu$ine$$ decision. You can sometimes find one used on our Equipment and Services forum


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    Perhaps they invested a lot of money in a competing product. Quickie bought out shadow and a few other manufactuers; their products were wither shelved or reconfigured with a Quickie Name.

    Tailwind, another product that was a portable power chair unit, I think was bought out and we never saw it again.

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