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Thread: What workout today? for non-walking incomplete injuries

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    Trying to stand with my afo's and a walker again. I only stood 30 secs at a time, then sat, then up again and repeated till I couldn't hold any weight on my legs and my arms started shaking. I got up about 6 X then was exhausted. I still can't keep my right knee straight cuz my glute is too weak to pull my hip into place.
    I am going to start doing it 2X a week (in addition to my other exercise) and try for several weeks and see if the improvement is worth the time & energy it takes to put the braces on and working around my husband's schedule. I also fight it making my neck and shoulder muscles hurt the next day, which puts me in a bad mood

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    darla and willis...KEEP UP THE WORK! YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS! The things in water are great! So what if you do things only 30 seconds. You do enough of that you will increase and other things "come along." I did that water 1+ years ago. That got thigns "sort of" started. I work at home 5 days/week. Now too long ago started walker. Approach there is technique, not distance and see how far I go until arms can no longer hold. JUST KEEP UP WORK. SMALL STEPS ARE MASSIVE!

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    Thanks rlmtrhmiles, I am feeling a liiiiiiiitle bit of progress...

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