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Thread: What workout today? for non-walking incomplete injuries

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    What workout today? for non-walking incomplete injuries

    This week I got to swim in a lake for about an hour (my favorite workout, but can only happen a couple times a year)

    Today I had an hr with my trainer. She had the idea of holding my legs and me walking on my hands like in a wheelbarrow race. It actually worked although she had to hold above the knee to not stress my knees. As I tired, my hips started rolling back and forth. So we rested (it wore her out to as she was walking very fast) then went again! She has learned what I can do and how to find new challenges for me.

    She also helps me do various kick backs while I am on my hands and knees, crawling, crunches, punching and kicking while sitting, and other stuff. Good workout and great to find I am still slowly improving.

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    fenced today but made a HUGE booboo!! moved my body forward before extending my arm first and my sword point went up into the shorts of my female opponent and i jabbed her crotch.

    we laughed for a good 10min because of that and i lost the bout lol
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Do you fence from your wheelchair? Cool.

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    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    20 mins floor exercises. 20 mins crawling and pushing a chair on my knees with 2.5 lb ankle weights forward & backward. 20 mins more floor exercises & stretches.

    Tell me its worth it!
    I know it is, I can move and balance better and better, but I don't know if I'll ever stand on my afo's... I'm strong & healthy in general and that's worth a lot.

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    Darla, you might suggest to your trainer that one of those large balance balls might save her back and your hips. I had my last PT update round today. Got my upper body home work out and a new manual and powerchair on order. I did about 10 years of steady rehab from 1992 to 2002. My shoulders are paying for the steps in the parallel bars without braces after a lot of work in HKAFOs and loft strand crutches. But it is time to get some decent exercise again. Walking as a C6/7 incomplete was going to need more trunk stability than I had. But I want to keep my quads strong for transfers when traveling. Anyhoo, my one PT had me try walking with my arms using the ball to support my hips. Without a ball trying to just do all 4s didn't work well without having a full tricep in one arm. Get creative; it helps.
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    Glad to see you are still working so hard, Darla. We all miss you at the gym! Keep up the hard work, and remember that if you have any questions Jerod and I are always available to brainstorm for you!

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    Thanks ADAPT! You sure helped set my pace! Finances are a little tight, but maybe in the future.

    Today I gave my arms a break and used the bicycler for 30 mins then got a much needed massage mostly on my shoulders and neck!

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    This week I had an hour swim, an hr workout with my trainer and a 30 min. intense bicycling on my exercise bike. Lots of stretching in between and a little bit of standing frame. I think I need to stand more.

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    Today I did electrical stimulation to my abs in bed this morning. Then in pt I went over 100ft in my hkafo braces using a walker. Then a 1 hour long upper body workout followed by 15 minutes on the krankcycle at the gym.

    I go to the gym mon - wed - fri
    Do FES bike every other day
    Physical therapy for my new braces 2x a week
    Try to use my standing frame every day but thats easy to slack on
    Use my empi 300pv stim unit whenever I feel like it haha usually on my abs at night in bed
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