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Thread: Incomplete Paraplegic Cauda Equina Injury ???

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    Incomplete Paraplegic Cauda Equina Injury ???

    I am a incomplete Paraplegic (mobile), and suffer from a LOT of pain due to L5/S1 Cauda Equina Injury. I would like to know what others do for their pain with the same type of injury (Cauda Equina). At present, I am taking 500 MG's of Methocarbamol 3 - 4 X @ day depending on pain; 400 MG's of Gabapentin 3 - 4 X @ day depending on pain (experience side effects with more than this amout); 250 MG's of Naproxen (used for spine inflammation,...don't want to use anything stronger due to side effects); 5 MG's Oxybutynin X 2 @ day; INF/TENS unit; trigger point injections every 3 months; spinal block every 3 months, and 15 MG's of Oxycodone.

    You would think all of the above would work fine but I still have a LOT of pain and sleep issues. Is there anything that works any better?

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    Seems like you have plenty of pain meds its finding the right combo, so they say.
    I'm having a hard time finding that combo. I'm 2yrs. post op, CES. Tried to go without meds until just recently. I've tried Gabapentin, Lyrica, Amitripyline, Tramadol, and now Cymbalta. Tramadol worked for a short while, took the edge off the neuropathy and seemed to knock out the shocks, so did lyrica but it was messing with my vison.
    Good luck in finding that combo, I'm about to call it quits once I give this Cymbalta a fair shot.

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    I am a low level too. I was on a Cymbalta/Tramadol combination and got good relief for 10 years. Lyrica, Gab., and Topamax all messed with my vision or memory and I quit taking them. Anti-Depressants work well on some people's pain while others don't get relief at all. You have to find the combination for you.
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    been searching for 9 years for a combo that works. endure. sorry you're in this club.

    talk to your pain doc and keep working through different combos and protocols. my best is the extremely poor and risky combo of benzos, alcohol and cannaboids. don't sleep but do pass out.

    good luck


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    I'll stay with the VA perscribed meds. I just need to find the right combination. That's why I asked what others were using for relief with the same type of injury. I seem to recall taking Tramadol a few times at the VA ED (VA Hospital Emergency Room). I need to read more about this med,...maybe I could use this med for breakthrough pain when the 15 MG's of Oxycodone does next to nothing.
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    I take40mg Oxyvontin er twice/day and 300 gabapentin 3 times/day with 10mg oxycodone ir for breakthrough and it works just great to manage my pain.

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    Do you get your meds from the VA? I just know the combination of what I use doesn't work. I'm not a 100% certain, but I don't think the provides Oxycotin to any of the vets any more since there have been some many problems with it in the past.(probably missused). I wish I could fine something that would last and not wear off so fast. That's the porblem with the Oxycodone, feel weak and last about 6 hours before wearing off. Maybe the doc's here will come up with the write combination. I guess I just need to keep waiting and stay positive.

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    No I do not deal with the VA, but I used to get it through medicaid before I got on private coverage. Oxycontin is just time released oxycodone. Maybe you could try taking it every 4 hours to see if that works for you. You probably already know this, but the worse your pain gets the more pain killers it takes to get back under control, so when you wait for it to wear off like it sounds like you are doing you will need more medication to achieve the same result that you would get with less if you kept it under control.

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    Tramadol is non narcotic and weaker than oxycodone. That said, I get a better response to 100mgs tramadol than to a percocet.
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    I may be wrong but in some thread I thought I read that Tramadol becomes a narcotic once it interactss with chemicals in your head. Some here have said methadone does the trick. Good luck.

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