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Thread: The new iPhone 6 bends

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    The new iPhone 6 bends

    The new iPhone 6 bends

    Skinny jeans and the iPhone 6 Plus may be a bad combination. According to reports from some users, Apple?s latest offering allegedly bends when carried in pants pockets.

    Now there?s a science project idea: How many pounds per square inch of pressure is exerted by a denim-encased thigh?

    The reports surfaced on MacRumors on Sunday, just two days after the new iPhones went on sale. One user said his brand new 6.2-inch 6 Plus was noticeably bent after less than 24 hours in his front pants pocket. People starting posting photos of their bent phones on Twitter with the hashtag #bendgate.

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    People who can afford these new iPhones can afford to buy a rigid protective carrying case. I have one for my $70 Nokia. If people want the lightest, thinnest possible phone there are going to be compromises.
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    Does it stop working? Does it bend back?

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    Bahh, as long as the purchaser can feel like he or she is special because of the telephone he or she carries...who cares? Things like durability and suitability to the application...come on now, really?

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