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Thread: inflatable boats/canoes

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    inflatable boats/canoes

    i've been getting interested in these lately and wondering if i could successfully use one. does anyone have experience with them??? i don't have a way to haul a canoe or boat, so i am thinking that an inflatable one might work. also, i am looking for something i could do independently. if i could transfer into the boat after inflating it, i would have to leave my wheelchair sit there on the shore. i guess that would be ok in relatively isolated areas. any thoughts on this?

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    How are you planning to propel it? Kayak paddle? Oars? Canoe paddle? How is your trunk stability and balance? A "rubber ducky" type kayak would probably work, as long as you get one with a rigid backrest...the inflatable ones are pretty floppy.

    Recommend you not paddle in isolated areas by yourself, and that you wear a PFD when paddling, regardless of what type of boat you get.

    Be sure to get a powered inflation device. A foot pedaled one (which usually come with these) will of course not be of much use. Get a good quality patch kit too.


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    My husband and I love our inflatable kayak. Its shaped & sized more like a small canoe. We took it to Hawaii and with his help I got in and out of the water to snorkel! Ours has 2 adjustable backs that are pretty supportive. You could use a single paddle that has a paddle at each end to be able to row yourself. I don't think I could get in and out by myself but you may have more ability than me. Being inflatable, its easier on the body than a hard sided one when you get in and out.

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    thank you for the replies. i certainly appreciate it. I definitely plan on wearing a PFD, and thought that a double sided paddle would work. i have a t3 level injury, so balance is somewhat of a concern, but i usually do pretty well. my upper body is strong and i can transfer well. it will mostly depend on how high the canoe/seat sits when inflated. i'm hoping i won't have to transfer down that much.

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