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Thread: Bearings for wheels with ADI brakes

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    Bearings for wheels with ADI brakes

    Does anyone know the bearing dimensions for the inner bearing when an ADI disc brake setup is used? I just had my medical supplier replace the bearings, and it was a huge pain because first they didn't realize they were a special size bearing (1/2" ID for standard axles, but OD is smaller than standard rear wheel bearings). Once they realized their ordering error, they ordered from ADI who said they were a special size and they would only be able to get through them. I say that's bull. I'm sure they are just an off the shelf bearing that fits for the hub. I want to be able to buy a set to keep on hand and then just replace on my own the next time I need them, but I don't want to have to press out the ones I have just to measure the OD and thickness. My supplier was able to get me the ADI part number, DB505, but ADI said I'd only be able to get the bearings through them.

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    Look at the seal. There should be a number on there. Any bearing place can get you the bearing when you give them the number. Also. If you get the old bearing, just take it to a bearing place and they can mic it.

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    Exactly, rear sealed bearings could be stamped on the plastic seal R8V on both sides. Googling "R8V + bearing" brings up the correct bearing dimensions and lots of choices. It should work the same for the bearing in question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsquared View Post
    Does anyone know the bearing dimensions for the inner bearing when an ADI disc brake setup is used?.

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    Nothing stamped on the seal or either of the races. Those R6-5ZZ from Boca look to be right though. I'll be getting a set of those to have on hand as backups. Thanks!!

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    Try chad at He set me up.
    Inside Bearing: width .280, OD .875, ID .500,
    Outside Bearing: width .375, OD 1.125, ID .500, Part # 1616RZ
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