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    new boots

    How does everyone go about breaking in new boots or shoes.I have a pair that i've had for 5years and its time to let go.I am worried about pressure

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    If leather I used to grease the heck out of them stuff ss many news papers I could in them allow direct sunshine to heat them up repeat made leather more pliable..

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    Try to get something that is made of a fairly soft (even stretchy) material, whether it is leather, canvas, or otherwise. Be sure they are the right size (we recommend one size larger and one size wider than your pre-injury size if you were injured as an adult).

    After trying them on at the store, do not wear them more than 2 hours without removing them to check your feet. If you see any red marks, watch to see how long it takes them to fade. If it is more than 20 minutes, those are not the shoes for you (purchase someplace that will allow you to return them if possible). If no red marks, then the next time, wear them 3 hours and repeat. Keep going if everything looks OK until you can wear them all day without problems.


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    I have been wearing Converse Chuck Taylors for 19 years with no problems at all.
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