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Thread: Microwave *cringe, I know...*

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    I second a Crock-Pot. You can get a knoxk-off version for $15 at WallyWorld. You can create just about anything divide it, freeze it amd micro later. I will have to think about actual micro recipes-I am a big poyayoe eatter so but you can't do that every day. What about prefab rice with steamed veggies and the precooked chicken you can get in deli section. Add a sauce of somesort and your aet. I got portable burners from Target for $28. I KNOW, you don't want to buy anything, but it might be worth it depending how long the install takes.
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    Trader Joe's is your friend! Check the frozen entree aisle. Each week try 3 new things. It's summer - eat light! Lots of salads with cheese or chicken on top (try the marinated cooked chicken at Trader's in the refrigerated section).

    Pretty much all fresh vegetables can steam extremely well in the microwave and you can cook to perfection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    Do you have a crock pot? Lots of good easy things in those.
    Addie nailed it. Crock pot.

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    I use steam bags in the microwave for veggies, potatoes, rice ect....I love those bags!
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    Watch the nutritional content on frozen entrees especially if eating them so often. Even the Smart Ones and Healthy Choice are loaded with sodium, fats, and cholesterol. Crockpot is best.
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    hot plate and toaster oven...oh, electric skillet, I need another. also crock pot. the kind with the removable crock, and I like my rice cooker, and water boiler pot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    Also I recently tried corn on the cob in the microwave thanks to a suggestion from sjean. Wrap in wax paper with some butter inside. It's ok that way. I can't figure out the correct time though.

    3 minutes for 2 ears, 4 minutes for 3 ears. My daughter in law does it that way, only way she ever knew, the first time she cooked corn for my son, he was a bit concerned, but it is fine. (I still prefer it the regular way, but it is still really good, and I tend to do it that way when the kitchen is too hot to get a steamy pot of water going.)

    And I was going to suggest a crock pot too. Even if you have to buy one, they aren't too expensive, and you would still use it post-renovation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anban View Post
    And, can you cook pasta in a microwave? I tried, and it ended up looking like reconstituted brains.
    I have never tried cooking pasta in the microwave oven, but if you do an internet search there are dozens of directions and YouTube videos with instructions. Maybe it is all in the technique/type of pasta you use etc. My search: "cooking pasta in the microwave oven"

    Good Luck
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