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Thread: Quality PC from Humana challenge is on!

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    Quality PC from Humana challenge is on!

    Time to get a new PC from Humana. They have purchased 2 BounderPlus Classics over the last 16 years. First one took me three years to get. Found out someone I knew had a very good working relationship with someone high up the Humana food chain. Made one phone call and the very next day I got a call from someone at Humana saying whatever chair you want go get it. That simple. Chair number 2 was easy. Told Dr. I need a new chair and he wrote a prescription. They had to go out of network and gave out a POA. Took about one month for chair to arrive.

    This time it's going to be like the first time. The first step was to have a face-to-face meeting with my doctor and get a prescription - done.

    Step number 2 was to have a home evaluation. It was done today by company called ROTECH. That is where Humana tries to get all its durable medical equipment from. I have dealt with this place before. It's where I get my cushions and bedding supplies from. They have no one to evaluate seating or any type of measuring. I desperately need a butt map for cushion and probably need a reclining seat. The deal with none of that. The chairs I have got have all been through POA's. It's a game. So I guess it's GAME ON!

    They are trying to get me to take a Jazzy. A BounderPlus down to Jazzy? It ain't happening!

    Could probably end this with 1 phone call but don't won't to use that connection. I will only do that as a last resort. Donnie

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