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Thread: The Pacific, WWII HBO miniseries

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    The Pacific, WWII HBO miniseries

    produced by Hanks and Spielberg. my son got Bose speakers and Blu-ray for my laptop and the series on disk. pretty sobering.

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    It is excellent. I learned a lot. Iwo Jima, take a sedative before watching that one.

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    it's based on books by the sledge and lucky (robert) real life guys. to me, it is frightening to see what ppl went through on both sides. why can't we stop war? why? my dad was in guard at that time, my mom had to lie about being married so she could work. she was 18. damn. it just was horrible and still is in mideast.

    and yeah. betheny. i had to have some wine.
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    Why can't we stop wars? Gonna go out on a limb here and say it's a gender issue. Aggression, power...not exclusively but often male traits.

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    Yeah it's great... but i am biased, I do tend to love WW2 movies... remember Band of Brothers anyone?
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    My dad was in the Marines and did the "tour of the Islands" as he said it. Never talked about it and after he died I received his military stuff because I was the only other member of the family that went in. I have his discharge papers, Dress uniform, helmut a well used knife he made out of aluminum, bayonet and photos of his unit and buddies.

    I brought a girl home once that was of asian descent. He took me aside and said that even though she was probably a really nice girl, to never bring her home again. I didn't really understand til the Pacific miniseries.

    He was wounded twice, spent time in a New Zealand hospital and was eventually re-assigned to evaluate post battle sites for any reusable equipment. I can't imagine what he saw, smelt or did.

    Looking back, he definitly had PTSD and had nightmares til the day he died. We learned never to come up from behind without saying something and knew when not to bug him.

    They definitly were a special breed; still are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Bell View Post
    Yeah it's great... but i am biased, I do tend to love WW2 movies... remember Band of Brothers anyone?
    that was a book i read as a teen. it is also a companion movie to the pacific. both done by hanks and spirlberg, with the original band of brothers author writing some of the screenplay. the main actor, was in office space.

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    Wow. A friend just lent me the box set, this is intense - great cinematography. After Wikipedia'ing it now I have to borrow band of brothers as well.

    Always had lots of respect for our veterans, but this makes me feel my generation is just a bunch of spoiled brats. Gotta think most WW2 vets were children in the depression and then if they were lucky lived through the war.

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    It was one of the most realistic views of war I have ever viewed. I have always appreciated our troops, but it gave me a much deeper appreciation. I bought the series for my Dad's Christmas present a couple of years ago.

    It was quite graphic. I was surprised my sister and brother-in-law allowed my nephew to watch it at the age or 10 or 11. I believe she wanted him to see the reality of war. He is a a spoiled child and do not believe he will go into the military. I think she was emphasizing a need for an education.
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    When kids think of war they think of Call of Duty.

    I started watching the Pacific but I only got about 4 episodes in... I've watched Band of Brothers at least 4 times through. There's an interesting doc series I watched last week on Netflix, World War 2 in Colour. Interesting but after ten episodes, the battle specifics kind of wear on.

    The Battle of Stalingrad was harrowing though.

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