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Thread: My New Icon

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    My New Icon

    I’ve had my Icon now for a couple of weeks so I thought I would give my initial reaction.

    I wanted the chair for two reasons: First, I wanted the adjustability. I’m quite narrow at 6’ 1” and about 134 pounds. In fact, when I had my seating evaluation, it was suggested that I get a 14” wide back. I thought that this was too narrow but when I got it, it was actually quite roomy. Second, I was hoping that the suspension would help with spasms when I hit a particularly nasty spot when I’m out.

    I was originally apprehensive about an Icon as I have rather poor trunk control. I tend to use the frame of my ZRa a lot when transferring. Since the Icon doesn’t have a frame in the spot I expect it I was concerned.

    As to the adjustability: It strikes me as a good feature. My chair has been resized a number of times. If you’re not really sure about your measurements, or if you expect to have changes in the future, I think it’s a great feature. My width is almost at the minimum but I can at least set it there. In the winter, when I wear extra clothing, it’s nice to know that I can accommodate them. Because of the possibilities when it comes to adjustments, this can be both time consuming and frustrating. I had someone help since I don’t have the greatest grip. You can spend a great deal of time “tweaking” it.

    As far as I can tell, the suspension is little over rated. I will say that the ride is smoother than in my ZRa, but it’s not perfect. The suspension works great for the body but the footrest has no suspension. On a rough surface my body enjoys the smooth ride but my legs still get shaken and they have spasmed and fallen off of the footrest as a result. I have taken some extreme measures in the past on my ZRa, I suspect that I will have to do the same on my Icon. Also, for some reason or another, my legs still bang on the front fork even though it is presumably thewide wing version. But then, my legs splay a lot when I sit.

    Transferring into and out of my car is not a problem. The weight seems comparable to my ZRa.

    The Icon seems to roll smoother and easier than my ZRa. That could be due to the newness of the Icon versus the wear that has been put on the ZRa.

    My Icon tends to “creak” a lot. Perhaps something isn’t tight enough but I haven’t been able to figure it out. I also noticed that the back tends to sway a bit. Of course I have a very high back and little trunk control so I’m sure that is a factor. I tried adding a rigidizer bar. It helped a little.

    Finally, my main concern about the Icon was transferring. I use the frame of my ZRa a lot in transfers and I was concerned about transfers with the Icon. I will say that I did get to practice my floor to chair transfers the first few times when I would miss the edge of the seat. I have gotten better, but I totally rely on the edge of the seat.

    Would I get another Icon in the future? Yeah, I probably would.

    The only thing I would (and will) change is the side protectors. The ones I currently have are too low and too long. If they were higher they would provide more protection especially in the rain/snow. If they were shorter I would have more of the seat edge to transfer to.

    As, I suppose, is true of any chair, it’s a compromise. I recognize that I have some special requirements and that what I find a negative others will find a positive. In general it has been a success.

    For your viewing pleasure I have added a couple of photos of my chair.

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    Nice looking chair. It is indeed a tall back.

    Would FL suspension forks help make the front smoother for you?

    Thanks for posting the review.
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    Yes, FL suspension forks would help in this situation. The trick to reducing the front end vibrations, as with any rigid manual chair, is to keep the front end light via a more tippy COG.

    The squeakiness is something I encountered on mine after lowering my seat (via the center column). You need to make sure the collars around that column are super tight. Stick an allen wrench in one of the slots, crank it as tight as possible by hand, and then take a hammer or mallet to the same allen wrench & bang it a little tighter.

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    Wow - that is a huge back. With a back that high, most chairs would usually need a rigidizer bar, or a non-quick release solid back to keep the back tubes from moving, the Icon is no exception to that. Getting a back that isn't quick release would help.

    In our last chair, we had a suspension built into the front end, and everyone told us to take it out - I think it was a good idea in theory, but the practical application didn't seem to warrant the weight and other issues it triggered. We took it out when we designed the Icon, and point people at the Froglegs suspension forks if they need them - they can be retrofitted to your chair.

    ADI makes a custom carbon side guard, or you can have ones made out of sheet aluminum - you can get a perfect template by putting a piece of cardboard running on the top of the length of the seat and backed up to the backrest tubes, and then trace the outline of your wheel, you'll get the exact shape to match the geometry that you're sitting at. Use your current sideguards to get the hole pattern right.

    The creaking is usually solved by doing what Scott suggests - the other thing to do is to make sure to keep the shock attachment points lubed - use some dry lube in a spray can on top and bottom once every few months, or if you hear noise. Moving parts are what they are, and they need some maintenance every once in awhile.

    If you have any questions, or need help with some tricks and shortcuts to make the adjustments, let me know and we can do a Skype call or something like that.

    We also have transfer handles that go on the front:

    Attachment 46228

    They can be positioned in different spots, and at different heights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    The creaking is usually solved by doing what Scott suggests - the other thing to do is to make sure to keep the shock attachment points lubed - use some dry lube in a spray can on top and bottom once every few months, or if you hear noise. Moving parts are what they are, and they need some maintenance every once in awhile.
    If you have the folding back try putting a little bit of grease where the two pieces contact when the back is upright.

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    Thanks for all of the comments.

    Yeah, I thought the back was a bit over done. I tried a low back and that was just not cool. I sometimes wear a back brace to keep myself more erect and this is an attempt to substitute the back for the brace. Still, it seems a bit much. Then again, it was suggested that I get a chest strap. I agreed thinking that it would be a simple velcro strap. When I got the back it had a full harness. What I was told and what got ordered didn't seem to match. Then again, I do like the support. My legs will bounce around while my upper body looks quite comfortable.

    chasmengr - I think I'll look into FL. Like I said, the ride is remarkably smooth except for the legs. I can really tell the difference over a rough surface.

    I've heard from others that the creaky is most likely due to everything not tight enough. I had the bolts tightened but they didn't smack it with a mallet. Maybe they should have.

    JeffAdams - I did get a sort of a rigidizer bar. I got the push bar. It helps a little but I think I need something that grabs more of the uprights. I'm more concerned about metal fatigue leading to failure than discomfort.

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    For a T4/5, I've never seen a back that high. How do you wheel or manuver with such restriction of that high a b ack?

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    Starlord - For whatever it's worth, I'm 2" shorter (5'11") w/ a higher injury (C6) & the top of my backrest is ~17" from the rear of the seat pan (excluding a cushion).

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    Yea, no offense, but what do you have a back like that?
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    Hey don't yell at me. It was the PT who ordered it.

    Now that I've passed the blame on to somebody else so that I am innocent ... I think the reason it is tall is that it was to support the harness. This is a rather elaborate setup that forms a huge "X" across my chest. I look like some kid in a toddler's car seat. It is effective however in holding me. I was expecting a simple chest strap, you know, a single strap with velcro or something. I think that by the time they got around to ordering the back they added the harness and so they had to change the back height to support the harness. I personally think that the back only need to come up to where the side wings are.

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