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Thread: Durian - Smelly or Delicious?

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    Durian - Smelly or Delicious?

    This is durian - king of fruit of nation X. Have you ever tried? Smelly or delicious?

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    It's also called breadfruit I think?? This is the only thing Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) will not eat and I've seen him eat disusting stuff. I can guarantee you if he won't eat it, I couldn't. BUT I would try it! LOL
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    It sounds impossible, but it is smelly, and it does taste good.

    Years ago, when NL was in Singapore, hotels would charge a cleaning and freshening fee if you brought a durian into hotel rooms.

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    it's delicious! in hong kong they have zones where it can be sold. tastes good in ice cream!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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