I thought about this while reading this topic.

Let's just say they find a 100% cure in China this year. The FDA says it will be several years before they approve it for use in the USA, plus several more years for doctors to learn how to do it.

I currently have private insurance, plus Medicaid (but not for long thanks to budget cuts), and I just got a letter saying I've been approved for Medicare. I'm assuming my insurance, and especially Medicaid/care wont cover me going to China for the treatment. Though logically it would seem like they'd jump on the chance because once I'm out of this chair, they wont have to spend another dime on me, but we all know they don't work that way.

If come up with the money to pay for it myself, are they at least going to cover the rehab costs when I get back, or are they going to screw me over?

Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.