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Hi Bob,

Be careful with the SSD SATA drive. I had one and it just quit. No warning, no nothing. I removed it and set it up as a USB and still would not work. I will probably try one again but not until they are more reliable.

Good luck.
Hi Millard,

Yeah, I spent a couple days investigating SSDs and read about some people having trouble with them. Especially about the SSDs needing firmware updates. I read hundreds of reviews at Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect and other supposedly "unbiased" reviewers like CNET etc.

But the same is true about the reliability of HDDs. That's one reason I bought the SSD before I need one. I'll be able to keep my current HDD with Win7 still installed on the C:/ partition while being able to access my stuff stored on its remaining 3 partitions.

If the SSD does bite the dust Amazon is great about replacing stuff in a fast, no ?s asked manner.

I think I enjoy fixing my computer more than I enjoy using it. Really! You have to enjoy fixing them if you're gonna play the overclocking game with a rigged up water cooling system. Last night I splashed some water on the back of my motherboard (both side panels are off my computer) while putting an ice pack in my water reservoir and the computer shut down with a spark. Needless to say I got a big lump in my throat.... but after letting it dry off it booted right back up. I got lucky! I need a new toy to mess around with so that's the reason I got the SDD. It just shipped today along with a new/bigger water pump and 10' of clear plastic 1/2" tubing.

I wouldn't want to wait until I need a new storage drive to give the SSDs a trial run. Belt and suspenders approach!

What sucks is that the IBM brand is supposed to be the most reliable but they cost like 25% more than their other several (about a dozen?) competitors.

Thanks for the heads up though.

Take care Millard.