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Thread: My friends new TR3

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    My friends new TR3

    My friend just got her new TR3 today and they messed it up in a couple of ways. First she was suppose to have pink spokes then she was suppose to have holes in her footplate for heels and she says she feels like she is going to fall forward. Does anyone have any suggestions on what she can do to feel more stable in the chair?

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    Those wheels are Twin-Star Exchange. I think they're available only with black spokes.
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    Sweet chair. My next...I hope. Will be putting an order in for one in the next couple of weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SequinScandal View Post
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what she can do to feel more stable in the chair?
    It looks like she has the tension adjustable seat straps, you can loosen up the rear straps to effectively increase the dump hopefully leading to more stability.

    As for pink spokes - I'm sure your friend has way too many colors in her wardrobe, black matches everything, pink doesn't. Those wheels will get way more attention than pink Spinergy's ever would anyway.

    And for holes for high heels - probably better someone else didn't drill them anyways. You can position them perfectly where they need to be by having her place her feet where she feels comfortable while wearing them and then marking the exact spots to drill the holes.

    A beautiful chair for a beautiful woman! Tell her we need some pics where she's not squinting in the sun.

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    I wouldn't recommend loosening the seat straps.

    I wonder if the back angle on the new chair is different than her previous chair. It was not ordered as an adjustable back, so it is what it is, outside of getting a solid seat back that she could set some angle in.

    In the picture her cushion looks rock hard, letting some air out would let her settle into it better, maybe giving some stability.
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    Hard to tell in the pic, but looks like the back angle is less than 90 degree. Is that what she ordered? Also looks to be a welded back, which means it cannot be adjusted. Did she order this chair herself? If she did, hope she didn't get the back angle backwards, causing her to lean forward.
    As Tooley, pointed out, the tension can be reduced in the seat to increase the dump a little and the same can be done to the back, but that might screw up her posture.

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    jschism could be right about the back angle.

    The best way to verify the exact back angle is to do a serial number look up of her specs on the TiLite website.

    The Roho does look to be over-inflated and it will provide better stability if she is properly immersed in it.

    Unfortunately, the options for increasing either the seat or back angle of the TR3 to improve postural stability are limited. Adjusting the seat or back upholstery may help. Different wheel/caster sizes may also help, however, the geometry of the chair will be off if the difference between STF heights is changed by more than 3/4"-1".

    A custom back may also help, however, it looks like she may not be able to lose any more seat depth than she has. The Varilite Icon back has hardware that can be reconfigured so that there will be no loss of seat depth. It isn't out yet, but from what I've heard, the new Roho Agility back may also be a possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    if they messed up the wheels and drilling the hole for her heels they may have messed up on more than just those 2 things i would have her take it back to the DME and have them check the dump of the chair to make sure it is correct as ordered. if it isn't then TiLite needs to correct it especially if it is not what was signed off on with the cad drawing
    If there were errors or omissions in the specifications, odds are that the dealer and not TiLite is responsible for the mistake. Some dealers have been known to blame the manufacturer for mistakes under the assumption that the end user won't know any better. If the one understands the ordering process, it becomes clear that the dealer has to verify the accuracy of the specs at least once before any TiLite chair goes into production. The process goes something like this...

    1. The dealer submits the completed order form to TiLite.
    2. TiLite sends a quote to the dealer which includes the specifications, options, and dealer cost for the chair.
    3. If there are incompatible options (i.e. "exclusions"), or any missing information that TiLite requires clarification about, comments are included in the quote that need to be "cleared" by the dealer before TiLite will convert the quote to an actual production order to build the chair.
    4. The dealer reviews the specs that appear in the quote for accuracy.

      If the quote is accurate, the dealer places the order, the quote gets converted, and the order goes to production.

      If the dealer notices an error or a comment needs to be cleared, they contact TiLite to correct the quote, and a revised version of quote is sent to the dealer for final review.

      A CAD drawing will only be provided upon request. CAD's must be signed off by the dealer or end user before a quote will be converted.
    5. Once a quote has been converted to an order, the dealer will receive a copy of the order which includes the final specs and estimated ship date.

    If the error occurred on TiLite's behalf, odds are that the specs in the serial number look up will not match what is on the actual chair.

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    Actually she got measured at the Tilite headquarters in Washington. And yes it's a fixed back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SequinScandal View Post
    Actually she got measured at the Tilite headquarters in Washington.
    Then I would say odds are extremely good that things will work out for her. Remember the magic word--"CareCure".

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