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Thread: Pain and sleep

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    Pain and sleep

    Last night I was exhausted and went to bed early (8:45). I overslept and ended up waking up around 6:00. I was up quite a bit in the night due to pain (like usual) but I think I slept better and for longer stretches. (I normally go to bed after 11 and get up around 4:30). Today my pain is at the lowest level I can ever remember. I took a pain pill about an hour ago just as a precaution! Could it be that getting better sleep somehow helps? I seriously NEVER sleep well. I'm not complaining, just confused! Wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

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    My pain swill always wake me up so I have never experienced this phenomenon.

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    Losing sleep does make the pain worse.....more intense. I don't know why, I just know it can be a very nasty circle. I lose sleep because of pain, and the loss of sleep makes it worse. Try and get as much rest as you can.

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    Better sleep helps everything.

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    I cant sleeeeep! I fell asleep at 930 the last three nights and wake up a 1am. the pain is worse on days like that.

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    My head hurts where I banged it on concrete. Never felt this before. And on top of the HUGE goose egg, it itches!

    Calling doc in a.m. I guess.

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    I'm experiencing the same thing right now. My pain is excruciating the past couple of weeks. I also had severe arthritis in my left hip which hurts really bad if I'm not laying just right. My sister spent the night at my house a couple of nights and told me that at night when I'm sleeping sometimes I would scream, cry or say weird things. I woke myself up a few times with tears in my eyes. There is one time I felt sleep without taking anything and I woke up with no pain at all. It was great but only lasted about an hour before I fell back asleep. It would be so bad if my pain wasn't a 9/10 throughout the night, but that keeps me up.
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    my left hip too rye. what is it about left hips and insomnia?

    Im glad you are seeing about your head there bethany. let folks know so they wont worry about you too much ok?

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    Funny I have a broken left hip that is causing my problems currently as well...

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    Another after broken left hip pain suffer I miss sleeping on my side!! I am stuck sleeping on my back,My wife no doubt misses it too since we need to repaint the walls due to my snoring vibrating it loose!! our neighbors even mentioned they could hear me.

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