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Thread: Quick question regarding SCI Clinical Trial Network (Asia)

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    Quick question regarding SCI Clinical Trial Network (Asia)

    Dr. Yeoh Eng-kiong resigned Wednesday due to political pressure related to SARS. The question that I have is: What effect or consequences (if any) will the resignation of Dr. Yeoh Eng-kiong have on the implementation and progress of the SCI clinical trial network?

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    The legislative council (LegCo) of Hong Kong just released a strongly critical report of Dr. Margaret Fong (former Secretary of Health for Hong Kong) and Dr. Yeoh Eng-Kiong (current Secreatry of Health) for Hong Kong. Many editorials in today's newspapers in Hong Kong have been critical of the "witch-hunting" atmosphere that has been going on. While some mistakes were made, leading to the spread of the disease and the huge economic consequences for Hong Kong, I don't think that this will have any effect on our spinal cord injury network which is supported by the China Ministry of Health in Beijing. I want to say, however, that what we are planniing to do is quite ambitious and something that has never been done. Funds have to be raised, attitudes have to be changed, and an infrastructure for clinical trials must be built. Wise.

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