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Thread: Stop prop from taking our opioids away from us.

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    Stop prop from taking our opioids away from us.

    Hi, I am a new member with Arachnoiditis. I have had this disease since 2005, from a ESI. Not sure if anyone is up on the news lately..There is a group of Dr's out there trying to get changes done to our opioids..If you want to fight this Petition to the FDA I ask that you view the url that I am posting to fight for our rights as Chronic Pain Patients...Please if you can tell your story..There is a group of Dr's called PROMPT who are trying to save our rights to opioids..This is a big deal! Please go to this web page, here you can read the Petition from PROP and the counter Petition from PROMPT..Lets stick together as sufferers to stop this Petition to FDA.

    You can also sign a Petition we have on Please help in this fight against PROP

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    neither link works for me.

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    Post a note to PROMPT in support of opioids

    The correct address to leave a note for PROMPT is

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