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    Most dental insurance policies have a yearly cap that doesn't even come near the cost of serious work - they would not pay in the thousands, even at a rate of 50%. Within that yearly cap figure, there are restrictions on how much they will pay per job. If your dentist is out of network, the insurance company will only pay in the neighborhood of 30% for covered visits. For major work, dental insurance won't begin to cover the final costs.

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    My medicare advantage plan has a dental benefit. They pay for routine check and cleaning.

    Too bad I lost all my teeth in an accident.
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    When you factor in the premiums for most consumer paid dental insurance plans, the numbers just don't make sense.

    SCI nurse "cwo", saying that "dental insurance plans pay about half" doesn't say much if what they pay half of isn't defined, and that is very little.

    In N. California, the best discount I've been able to negotiate is 6% for cash, prepaid dental work. 25% WOW!!!

    All the best, GJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    Dental college? I did it once, worked out ok.
    Definitely. I did this before I worked at a job with benefits. My friend who happens to be quadriplegic still goes. Fifty bucks for a cleaning.

    My father had some more involved work (porcelain & stems into the gum-line) at a university since he's retired and doesn't have coverage either.
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    i have an excellent dentist. she knows my situation and lets me make payments. had her for yrs. she's part of doctors w/o borders. my work dental never paid close to 50% but they paid some. i am letting my teeth go because of costs. this really sucks.

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    I put my dental work on carecredit. I have to space out the work I get done and can only get about 800 a year done so that I can pay all that off within the 12 months of free interest. I hate not having dental insurance .

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    Ya my teeth have gotten pretty messed up not having any dental insurance for so long. I could pay cash to get major stuff done back when I could work, but I still didn't get the routine stuff done. Plus when I was younger I used a hard toothbrush which took the enamel off of my front teeth.

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    Ask about a discount for literal cash payment for services. It's worth it of you can swing it. The most I have gotten is a 20% discount for prompt, cash payment.

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    Even *with* dental insurance its hard to pay for dental work. Ours has a LIFETIME max of $2500. We're pretty close to hitting that, and we have a son headed for braces soon.
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    We have always had good dental insurance through my husband's work, but it never paid for the braces. That was always out of pocket, although the orthodontist always arranged a payment plan. 2 of my 4 needed them. The dentist actually talked one of my daughters OUT of having work done! She has a little gap betw her front teeth, but otherwise nice an straight. He told he what was involved, and told her to think it over, that HE didn't think it was worth doing, her teeth looked just fine.
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