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Thread: Changing from sip n puff to head array

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    Changing from sip n puff to head array

    We went to the Mpls VA SCI clinic the second week of July to have the head array put on Dave's chair in place of the sip-n-puff. The doctor had suggested trying it when we were there in April for an evaluation.
    (I can't say enough nice things about the Mpls SCI dept and how fortunate we were to get accepted)

    The PT there is great and spent a lot of time doing the change over and helping Dave learn it. It was a great opportunity to try it and get the straw out of his face and he caught on quick.

    Unfortunately it has not worked out. Every time Dave has a spasm the chair goes into a mad circle or lurch and he has run over my daughter, an aide and about put the table through the patio window.

    His SCI is higher on one side and his neck lists to that side to begin with and more as the day goes on. This messes up how the head array sits.
    Also moving his head more makes his neck sore. Even with PT it is a constant problem.

    He is still recovering from pneumonia and too weak to get back to Mpls as is nearly a 600 mile round trip.
    The Mpls PT called today and said to save us a trip (which was considerate) they were referring us to a local DME. My heart sunk as it was the same incompetents we worked with in the past.
    The person there is gone for 3 weeks and I doubt he can do the change back as he told me before his degree is in business, but he is seating certified.
    The guy who took a month to fix it 2 years ago is gone.
    The only other wc dealer is more of a nuts a bolts company that did some repairs but don't do programming.

    There is a possibility the Mpls PT can do a teleconference with the OT here if they have an Invacare programmer. I'm not sure if the OT here does that type of thing, but am asking.

    Meanwhile I am driving and doing all of Dave's tilts. He feels frustrated his recovery so slow and that he can't drive himself. He doesn't regret giving it a try though.

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    I'm really sorry this didn't work out, I know Dave was looking forward to trying it. I don't have any bright ideas or suggestions, but sure hope something can be worked out that allows you to bypass nincompoops!

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