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Thread: FOR SALE::Permobil C500 Elevate & Tilt, Recline, Elevating Legrests, Attendant,

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    Arrow FOR SALE::Permobil C500 Elevate & Tilt, Recline, Elevating Legrests, Attendant,

    Up for sale is a 2007 Permobil C500 Full Loaded. Built end of 2007 basically a 2008 Model!

    This chair was bought around 2009 so it was berly used. 2010-2011 Batteries were replaced. ( Gel Dual Batteries)


    paypal, Cash, Shipping anywhere $200 Freight company on a pallet.

    Call me for a test drive 916-5O1-1O13

    This model is built very strong that can handle alot of weight compared to the other models.

    This chair works great, drives smooth, lifts, reclines, tilt, elevates, leg rest, and more!.

    This Permobil C500 was bought with all of the options done to it. Worth about $35,000-$40,000 New.




    Turn signals Front/ Rear


    5 Speed Options (Very Fast)!


    POWER TILT (entire seat)


    Leg Rest Elevate

    And Much more option done to it!

    Powerchair Rear Operator Attendant Controller Joystick

    Original Permobil Charger

    Seat Belt


    2 Powerful Motors

    Airless tires, full suspension system (unlike the C300). Group 24 gel batteries.
    Power for the steepest hills & suspension to handle tough terrain

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    Hey everybody Permobil Just confirmed this model has the 7.5 MPH option installed.

    So this chair is the fastest one out!!.

    I listed this chair on ebay check it out.

    Item number: 280918928869

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    buy it today and I will ship it your door step for free!!

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    Can ship to Canada for $500

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    Can ship to Canada for $500

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    People were asking the exact size of the chair so I took off the seat and measured it with out them. If you need more pictures please let me know.

    Thank you,

    So here you are:

    Bottom Seat pad:
    Width 19"
    Length 22"

    width 17.5"
    Length 26.5

    Seat fully raised up with out cushions, from the floor to the seat pan.

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    Ebay Item number: 280964906976

    Selling for $4200 Free Shipping usa only

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