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Thread: Need info on power brake booster for less brake effort on van

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    Need info on power brake booster for less brake effort on van

    I have a Chevy G20 van that I can't drive because the brake pedal effort is too high. It has hand controls but the lever also requires too much effort (I have muscular dystrophy). I am hoping someone on here has had a similar problem, and maybe has some info on what I can do. The local mobility stores want over $3000 to install a power brake booster that would reduce the effort -- and I don't have an extra $3000 in my billfold just now. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hi let me think on this maybe I can talk to a friend who is into these mods and ask him for ideas for ya
    Tomorrow i'll drop him a call

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    Did you see a driving evaluator that told you you needed zero effort brake and a back up braking system?

    How much effort does it currently take to apply the brake?

    You can use a fishing scale to measure it.

    How much effort can you apply?
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    No, I have not seen a driving evaluator. I drive a Honda Odyssey with no trouble, however it was the only minivan I could safely drive and brake when I bought it years ago. It required the least pedal effort of any minivan -- I know because I drove all of them! But now it is getting more difficult even to drive it, and I usually push down on my knee with my hand to help my leg brake.
    The Odyssey really doesn't work for me now because without help I can't stow my powerchair in the back using the Joey lift, and get around to the drivers seat.
    So anyway I am trying to get this old Chevy van to where I can drive it. It has a raised roof, a great lift, and a seat that tracks back, swivels, and raises/lowers. It also has hand driving controls which are useless for me because my arms are also weak. So any info would be very helpful.
    As for how much pressure I can apply -- I have no way of measuring that, but I would guess maybe a couple of pounds.

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