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    Question All In One Computer

    My current computer is badly in need of updating. I was looking at all in one computers where the screen, disk drives etc are all in one unit. Anyone had experience with one good or bad?

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    just remember if something happens and a piece of hardware fails, u can't fix it and just throw it away and buy another..........just food for thought......but they are cool......still just a computer.........

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    Hi I have the Apple Imac have had them since 2008 love them

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    Go with the macs all in one they are very dependable.

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    I have used only Apple desktops at home since 1989. At work I have to use a Windows platform. I daily curse my Windows machine at work, and miss my Mac (and give it a big kiss when I get home!!). I have had 5 Mac desktops over the years, starting with an SE, then an LC, then an iMac (purple!), then the white dome based iMac, and now (since November) a 21.5" iMac, which I love. The only peripheral's I add are a USB hub and my printer/scanner/fax unit and my cable router box.


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    My wife has had a Gateway all-in-one for about two years. She absolutely loves it. It saves desk space. With the wireless keyboard she has a lot of flexibility in arranging her desk. It has not had any problems.

    It has a touch screen but that is a waste. Working with her arm extended out to the display quickly tires it and makes fine movements difficult. Try reaching out across your desk to your display and you will see what I mean. Touch screens are great on hand held and lap top devices, but not nearly as useable on the desk top.
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    I have been using an Intel Apple iMac. My only complaint is the glossy screen. I run Windows in Apples Boot Camp. It is a magnificent machine. I have heard good things about the Vizio all-in-one desktop.
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    I just bought an HP all in one. Liking it so far.

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    I bought my parents a HP all-in-one with a large(non-touch) screen and they really like it. It saves lots of space and no pile of cords.

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    Yes alot of people do enjoy their macs as their built as one concept every part interfaces nicely however try and get a macbook to do something it doesnt want to do and u end up in a dead end, Pcs for want of the generic term are assembled for millions of available base parts so dont always come together like they should however the fleibility and vast software alone make the pc a better choice in my opinion, teh allin ones can still be opened and parts replaced may be a tad more expensive as you may have to buy OEM parts. I wouldnt be concerned about parts going wrong, if we wnet through life worrying about what parts could go wrong there would be no point in living, and I agree with the comment that touch screen here is completely useless

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