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Thread: Another hospital stay and more infections :(

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    Another hospital stay and more infections :(

    So... my bad luck continues.... I caught some type of bug that has decided to settle in my chest. This caused my blood sugars to go completely out of whack (I am also a type 1 diabetic for the past 22 years). I ended up in the ICU for a couple days and then another day of regular floor care. I also find out that I have another stupid UTI. I have not had this many UTI's in such a short amount of time since my injury . I am beyond irritated!!!!

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    well im glad no pussyfootin around trying to figure out what is what. I hope you are on your way to feeling better.

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    We've had weather changes here lately and my voice has been a little grumbly ... this is the time of year when bugs flourish in the varying temps.

    Get well soon! You need a break!

    Do you take vitamins or probiotics or anything? I swear by them.
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    So sorry to hear this, Becky!

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    ARRRGHH! is all I can say Becky! I so wish I could take all this away from you and everyone else. Stay strong, have a good cry and stay positive.

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    Jody- I too am glad that they got on the ball and get me in and out quick!! I did tell them that school was starting though. As it is, I ended up missing the first day, yesterday .

    Lynnifer- I have taken a multi- vitamin for years and after my C-diff encounter last year, I now also take a probiotic. I guess it was just in the cards for me to get super sick .

    Patrick- I wish I could scream right along with you but I currently still hardly have a voice . I am hoping it will come back to me by friday. Then, I will join you in your chorus of ARRRRRRGHHH!!!! Having a good cry doesn't seem all that bad either !

    Bonnette- It was definitely not in my plans! Thank you for your concern as always!

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    I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!

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    I hope you're feeling better Becky. Sorry you missed your first day of school. It's about time you get a break! Get well soon!

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