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Thread: Bladder Sling Mesh Lawsuit

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    Bladder Sling Mesh Lawsuit

    Hi, has anyone had any experience with the bladder sling (mesh) lawsuit yet? Or recommend an attorney?

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    I need to find out about this too. Mine failed

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    We contacted one of those TV lawyers, but they want 40% plus to be determined expenses. Sounds steep to us....
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    it is steep. most take thirty percent plus expenses.

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    If you are talking about a class action suit which is going to negotiate a settlement without going to court, these are nearly all a scam by lawyers who specialized in these types of class action suits. The people actually harmed by the product or procedure rarely see even pennies on the dollar for their actual loses/pain/suffering, etc., while the attorneys get rich off preying on the victims of the company being sued.

    Here is a pretty good article about this: Are Settled Class Action Suits Scams?

    For a fictionalized story of how this legal scam works, I would refer you to "The King of Torts" by John Grisham.

    If you have a legitimate claim, you would do better to file your own suit with a legitimate personal injury attorney (yes, they do exist).


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