Hello everyone
My name is Aman and I'm 21 yrs old.I'm suffering with this back pain for about 4 and a half months.I had several MRI's,CT Scan and X rays and here are the reports.
MRI dated 17.4.12 :
1.Spondolylosis at l5-s1(break on pars interarticularis on both side).
2.Spina bifida of S1 vertebra(X ray finding).

MRI latest:

3.l4-l5 & l5-s1 intervertebral disc show early loss of T2 hyperlintense sigal, suggestive of disc dehydration.
4.Degenerative disc diseade at l4-5 & l5-s1.
5.Diffuse disc bulge at l4-5 with broadbased small left foraminal extraforaminal protrusion causing mild thecal sac indentation with mild left neural foramina compromise.

and recent X-rays:

1.Both S.I. joints are normal(what about spondylolysis???).
2.Lumberized S1.
3.Bifid spinous process of s2 is seen.
4.Conclusion-lumber myospasm.

So I just can't figure out what is wrong with me.Sometimes I have pain inmy left knee and from past two days my upper back is also giving me trouble.I also have pain my right shoulder and wrist.Please tell me how it can be cured and if I can play basketball again.
Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated .