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Thread: Has anyone tried the CEO-TWO suppository?

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    Has anyone tried the CEO-TWO suppository?

    The maker has a full-page ad in Action (SCI) magazine this month.

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    Peter, check out this other thread about Ceo-Twos, in which the always helpful gjnl has provided links to even more threads about them.
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    I haven't heard any good reviews on CEO-Twos, Hip.

    Half a Magic Bullet might be an alternative because I get the after burn and slight AD.

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    Enemeez foesn't have the afterburn.

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    and the lab that makes Enemeez is working on a hand held ADL device to allow easier use of their product.

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    I like the enemeeze and use senna-s two tablets every night. Wish I could say it gets any easier, I know meat is really hard for me to digest. Balancing diet with not ever knowing when I am going to go is still a hard adjustment.
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    Enemeez is a liquid version of docusate which is a stool softener. It also comes with benzocaine which is a local anesthetic in case there is extreme discomfort during the bowel program. My hospital doesn't supply CEO-2 so I haven't read an awful lot about them.


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