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Thread: What can I do to prevent shoulder damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GinoL View Post
    Our shoulders go through enough overuse with pushing chairs and transfers you don't want to push your limits with over exercise.
    So u r not in favour of the 10km/day I wheel 7 days a week May thru Oct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJC View Post
    So u r not in favour of the 10km/day I wheel 7 days a week May thru Oct?
    I did that working the last 20 years of my career. During the 10 years since then, I have a fulltime career treating the pain caused by rotator cuffs now made of scar tissue and shoulder joints that look like they had been used for target practice. At least you have been warned. I only have the benefit of hind sight.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJC View Post
    So u r not in favour of the 10km/day I wheel 7 days a week May thru Oct?
    Believe me when I say this, you WILL pay dearly later in life for that, just like 55 says!

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    Preservation of Upper Limb Function following spinal cord injury: What you should know

    Click on the hyperlink of the above title --> then add to cart
    It is free but they ask for a donation.

    we hand it out to our patients in our clinic.


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    As a para I feel that pushing never hurt me, I did 15 years of wheelchair roadracing w some wchair bball followed by 7 years of handcycling. I think I would have been more vulnerable to shoulder injuries from weight gain had I not done strenuous exercise. My injuries have always occurred due to big transfers. At 67 I now use a Transfermaster bed, a roll-in-shower w shower bench and a full sized van w 6 way pwr seats all w the idea of preserving what's left of my shoulders. I try to do gravity transfers whenever I can and a transfer board. Recently bought a used pwr chair for super long pushing activities like unpaved trails in our local parks, also use a Freewheel. In the winter (mainly) I use an old Bowflex as well as light free weights. Regarding exercise, try to include some that work opposing muscles from those overused while pushing.

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    Thanks A LOT for your help!!!
    Never Give Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAbleChef View Post
    I want to preserve my shoulders. I workout a lot and play basketball. Pice my shoulders after exercise and basketball. What else can I do?
    Shouder exercises with light-moderate weight at first, and stretch out tight after.
    3 different exercises with 3 series per exercises 2 times per week will keep them in perfect good conditions if you do the work ok.
    Do a well heated first.

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