Space Shuttle Technology Leads Scientists to Treatment of Diseases; Significant Adult Stem Cell Advances

HOUSTON, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Houston-based ReGeneTech, a biotech company, today announced a major advance in adult stem cell research. This discovery could advance the treatment of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease and others. Scientific studies sponsored by ReGeneTech have resulted in the successful growth and multiplication of adult stem cells derived from circulating blood and bone marrow.

Rob Parker, ReGeneTech President, said, "We have used a proprietary protocol to expand and harvest adult stem cells under micro-gravity conditions. The basis of this protocol was derived from a 1995 NASA Space Shuttle flight (STS-95) during which former astronaut and Senator John Glenn cultured cells in a weightless environment. Through NASA's Patent and Technology Transfer Program, ReGeneTech has acquired the rights to 13 patents involving cell expansion."

The goal of the process is to use the patient's own blood or bone marrow to extract, expand and harvest the stems cells used for this protocol, and this should eliminate rejection and negative effects on the immune system.

Robert Young, ReGeneTech CFO, said, "While these lab results are gratifying to our stockholders, the revelation today is that adult stem cells can be made available in the quantities necessary for research. This will give talented health professionals in government and faith-based institutions the ability to contribute to this exciting scientific field without the stigma of using embryonic derived cells."

In addition to the licensed NASA patents, ReGeneTech (formerly BioCell Innovations) currently has 3 pending patent applications on basic procedures and protocols that may prove to be milestones in the future of stem cell therapy and tissue regeneration.

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