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Thread: Standing Frame & Autonomic Dysreflexia

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    Standing Frame & Autonomic Dysreflexia

    I am a 15 year post-accident C-4/5 incomplete quadriplegic and for the last 3 -- 4 months I've been getting autonomic dysreflexia after standing up for a mere 15 minutes or so. I've been doing the standing chair as part of my regular routine for the last 14 years. It's just that lately my body can only take 15 minutes, when before I've always been able to stand up in it for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and then even 1 hour. This of course has really become a problem for me and my legs have unfortunately returned to heavy spasticity. Currently, I am not taking any Baclofen and have found out in the past that this drug doesn't work for me -- even after increasing my daily dosage. The SCI nurse did advise me to take some Aleve or ibuprofen one hour before doing my standing frame, yet this too was to no avail. At first I thought that I had a UTI or some other bladder issue, but once again after seeing my urologist and doing the necessary tests, there is nothing wrong with my bladder. My bowel program is stellar and I'm able to go on a daily basis with no stool softener's or anything like that. In a nutshell, I have a clean bill of health and just need to find out from someone out there if they've had this similar problem, what did they do -- and what can I do to find a fix???

    If any of you have suggestions or ideas which might help me -- I would surely appreciate it.......

    Thanks - Danno

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    No, I don't have any of the issues that you've listed. But thanks for responding just the same!

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    How do you know you don't have any broken bones or dislocations in your legs? Have you had an exam and/or Xrays?? A Charcot joint could also result in AD following weight bearing. You should see your SCI physician and get these things checked out.


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    A Charcot joint? Now that's something I wouldn't have had an interest in learning the definition of before SCI.

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    I went and saw my SCI physician today and have scheduled my x-rays and ultrasound (for my kidneys) to see if this may be the problem. Thank you to the SCI nurse and Tim for your suggestions and input. Hopefully we'll find a resolution to this issue!

    Thank you all once again -- Danno

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    Update -- --

    My doctor's did an ultrasound of my kidneys, an MRI of my C-spine, and about 20 x-rays of my hips, pelvis and both of my legs. The ultrasound was negative and showed nothing wrong. The MRI disclosed that I have an active cyst in my injured area of C-4 / C -- 5 spine location. The x-rays showed severe arthritis in both of my hips and then minor arthritis in my ankles. I was also prescribed gabapentin and to take one 100 mg capsule one hour before I try and stand and of course this was to try and relax my muscles.

    I did the standing chair this morning for 15 minutes and it seemed to help -- -- at least I think so optimistically!

    Thank you for all of your assistance ,


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    that is a low dose. you can probably increase it in a couple of days

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    That's great advice and I will call my doctor right about now... Thank you once again DJE

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    We always start at a low dose and slowly titrate up till get an effective dose

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    Makes great sense to me! I just worry about any side effects when taking a combination of prescriptions. Feeling good and looking groovy!!!


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