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Thread: $300 Wasted On A Shower Bench I Hate

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    Iv tried both as well without good results, but I am told there might be other options.
    I tend to get spasms in the evenings. (Jumpy legs and arms) sometimes my whole body with make a violent jerk several times. In the mornings and through the day Im getting clonus, which is more like a constant tremor, or twitching, So Im hoping there is something I can take in the evenings that will not wipe me out or make me feel rubbery the next day. I'll let you know what I find out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SequinScandal View Post
    I try to put my legs on the floor but my spasms prevent them from staying there long. And I put the wheelchair at an angle. When I'm getting out my chair is higher than the bench so that makes it difficult. I have a hard time getting my bum over the wheel. Also me being wet makes it harder to slide on the board.
    Here's what I would try during the transfer. I don't know whether it would work, but it may keep your legs from affecting your balance during the transfer. Get an end table (they sell cheap ones with the cheap plastic outdoor chairs). Put it right in front of your footrest and maybe cover it with a towel. Put your legs stretched out straight and on top of the table during the transfer.

    Oh, and you said you stick to the board. If you are using a transfer board, maybe place a small towel on it. You can try to get it to slide, but you might have difficulty getting on top of the towel. So, rather, I might try wrapping the board in a towel, or the like, in a way that the towel won't move. Your wet skin won't stick to the towel the way it sticks to the board.
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    I use a pillowcase w/ my slideboard for transfering out of the shower. I just stick the board inside it.
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    That is almost what I do Mr Kulea. though I don't need to transfer anymore,

    I use a rubbermaid step stool. not as tall as the end table but sturdy and does not slide. to prop my feet up a little when on the potty. that prevents the rapid spasms I get otherwise, and allows gravity to work during pooping.
    I use a folded towel on it when it becomes my inexpensive bath bench.

    even before I was walking again, to get into the tub, I sit on the side, and put over one leg at a time into the bath. to get out, the same.

    for some reason toilet height is the exact height to cause jumping legs every time.
    I have a foldable footstool for camp. I cannot cath without jumpy legs unless my feet are raised on the step stool.

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