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Thread: How to get asked before Windows updates?

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    How to get asked before Windows updates?

    It keeps crashing my computer when I leave it on at night. Are those really Windows updates, and are they safe? Is there way to tell it to ask me before it does it?

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    Go to Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Update, and in the left column, choose Change Settings. in the Important Updates drop-down menu, choose Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them. Put a check in the 4 boxes.

    That said, many updates require a restart to complete the update, and if you turn on the computer and it is at the login prompt, that is what happened. Also, you should usually install all of the important updates, and most of the others.
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    You can turn your computer off at night. The updates aren't going anywhere. As said in previous post you go to your control panel and go to security and it gives you a choice of automated updates or it will alert you. If you do all the updates together then you only have to do a re-start once or twice (depending on the update). You choose whether you want the update or not. Most of the Windows updates are important for the computer if you're running Windows.

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