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Thread: WOW! Awesome off-road electric wheelchair from UK!

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    WOW! Awesome off-road electric wheelchair from UK! They also have a child's version.
    4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. Looks pretty capable.

    Overlander 4 is the full blown go-anywhere TerrainHopper and a dream come true for those who wish to go to previously inaccessible places; thanks to the unique patented independent suspension system, you are not thrown all over the place!

    A truly off road wheelchair that can climb over fallen trees gracefully! If you come across muddy fields or rocks, streams, on your adventure, don’t despair, TerrainHopper can handle any terrain and steep inclines.

    Some off road wheelchairs or scooters find it hard going over dry sand. This is no problem for Overlander 4. Please have a look on You Tube to see TerrainHopper in action.

    The electronics (excluding the joystick) are water resistant so you can hose down your buggy without worry. If you need your TerrainHopper to be completely waterproofed, you can opt for this system.

    The purposeful looks are not deceiving. This is one tough 4 x 4 wheelchair. The side roll bar lifts up for easy access; (or can be removed if not required). It not only looks good but gives protection.

    The seating and steering (Flexi Steer System) are adjustable to suit your personal needs. Steering is controlled through handle bars or joystick or a combination of both. The handle bars can be orientated to a position that best suits you and the setting can be different for the left and right hand. The joystick can also be positioned in various configurations. The 4x4 and front wheel drive setups enable an incredible turning circle, handy for those tight spots!

    There is an option to have 100% power steering through either joystick or handle bar control through the benefit of actuators for those who may need assistance.

    There is also an option to have 2 dual control systems which can operate together in 4 wheel drive or be switched to 2 wheel drive to conserve power. The use of 2 systems increases power to the motors. This option would be recommended if your weight is 15 stone (95kg) up to a maximum of 18 stone (114kg). A further benefit is if one sysstem fails, you are not left high and dry.

    If you need to fit your TerrainHopper in a WAV (Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle), you can opt for the system that reduces the width to 750mm to allow this.

    The main features are:
    Independent suspension system.
    Independent Control Systems.
    Adjustable steering
    Front & Rear Lights / Indicators
    Removable Side Roll Bar: A really handy feature which gives protection. The roll bar lifts up for easy access.
    Adjustable seat

    An optional side access seat is available if required

    An aluminum overhead roll bar can be ordered to give full protection if required,.

    Overlander 4 is a Class 3 medical product .
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    This looks pretty sweet! The things i could do with this! He he he!

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    My fest mobile! oh, it would be perfect, and I would never miss fest again.

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    I just can't think they can go very far on two batteries. Slow too. That's a lot of tires to push through sand. I would take one though.

    Great for a little trip down to the beach.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    extreme wheeling,I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52 View Post
    I just can't think they can go very far on two nice batteries. Slow too. That's a lot of tires to push through sand. I would take one though.

    Great for a little trip down to the beach.
    I would suggest them to load up more batteries,obvisouly two batteries are too few !
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    This thing is VERY off-road capable for an e-chair!

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    Very nice.

    However....I can definitely see the market for this in the UK. So many public footpaths to explore and all of them closed to motorized traffic.

    However, in the US.....there are still plenty of places you can take a gas powered ATV. And a nice second hand ATV is faster, stronger, more capable thank this wheelchair AND it is very likely a whole load cheaper too.

    Maybe your state is more like the UK....but GA is pretty open to ATV's still...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkB701 View Post
    However, in the US.....there are still plenty of places you can take a gas powered ATV.
    quads too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    quads too?

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