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Thread: Feels like Ive been kicked N the nuts

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    Feels like Ive been kicked N the nuts

    Hi folks, new here

    4 the past couple of days I feel like Ive been kicked in the balls. The pain is on my right front, just above my penis to the right (as Im looking down. Not high enough 2 B stomach, liver, etc. Any idea ?

    THX all

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    Do you have spinal cord damage or a spinal cord injury?
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    Not at all. Healthy as a horse. Did pass a couple of stones last year

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    You of course know that these forums and this site are for people with spinal cord injury or disease?? Unclear why you are posting here.

    You may have a bladder or ureteral stone. The latter can cause referred pain to the groin. You need to see your urologist.

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    Sorry, did not know

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    I needed that laugh

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    Do you have pain when urinating ? Discharge from the tip of the penis? (this can be a white, cloudy or watery discharge)
    You mention pain in the testicles, get checked for std chlamydia.
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