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Thread: Wise - Anything new on the horizon for spasticity?

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    Wise - Anything new on the horizon for spasticity?

    I have a C4 SCI, inc. central cord injury. At the very top of my list of SCI issues, miles above all others, is high muscle tone, mainly in my arms. With a reduction in spasticity, I could transfer and drive The ability to transfer would be life changing. I have taken Baclofen for years. Diazapam, Zanaflex, Dantrium, nothing seems to effect the extreme arm stiffness. I had a baclofin pump for three years but my spasticty is a problem higher than the pump can benefit.
    Are there studies being done addressing spasticity?
    Oh, and I want to tell you that I so very much enjoyed attending Rally for the Cure. Meeting you was wonderful. You are a hero to so many of us. Patricia, too! I am looking forward to next year's event.

    Karen M

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    Karen, with the exception of 4-aminopyridine, I don't know of any new drugs being tested for anti-spasticity effects. I remember our conversation about this and have been mulling it over ever since the Rally. I will post later, as soon as I get my thoughts together. I am thinking that upper extremity spasticity (as well as stiffness above the injury level) is a different type of "spasticity" that may be more akin to dystonia which results from abnormal activity being generated above the injury site due to loss of ascending signals. There may be other drugs that may be helpful if this is true. Wise.

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    Hi Karen, I have copied this topic to the Care forum.


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